Monday, February 7, 2011

The beginning....

So Mimitehs began as I recently developed a passion for designing and making hair accessories. As I started making the accessories, I soon realized I needed a name for these little beauties. For weeks and weeks I searched for names, meanings for names, and so forth. I looked high and low but still could not find anything. I asked other peoples opinions, and searched for a unique name. I was browsing the Internet one night when I came across a Native American Indian reservoir site. It talked of the Omaha Indian tribe and how they became one of the greatest trader tribes in the country, trading with the early white civilization. The language they spoke was known to be beautiful and I came across the word, Mimitehs, (mi-mi-tez). It's meaning meanings the dawn of a new day; new moon; the beginning of something new.  How perfect!!! Not only did I love the ring to it, but the meaning suited me perfectly!

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